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Stack Drain in ground with water flow shown

Drain away the problem the smartest way possible

Our solution whilst deceptively simple comes with a number of advantages, not just to the consumer but also to the environment at large.

Our system of stack-able drains is over 5 times cheaper than all other solutions that are available to the general public, with the additional advantage of most people not needing a trades person to install it.

Low cost

In many cases, Stack Drain only requires a spade/trowel, a tape measure, a level and a marker pen - things that an average DIY enthusiast will own. 

Easy to install

Because of the cone shape rainwater is able to drain away at multiple points down the stack, not just the end of the stack as would be the case with a drainage pipe. There is no back wash of soil into the stack due to its design, other than what washes in from the top. This is also reduced by the inbuilt filters of the cone, something else a drain pipe does not have. Drainage maintenance is a whole lot easier with the Stack Drain.

Greater drainage potential

Installing Stack Drain takes no more than an hour to complete, a lot less if dealing with loose subsoil. Normally, you will not need to dig any deeper than half a meter or any wider than the Stack Drain cover plate. This is an outstanding improvement over the current systems that can sometimes take days to install.

Not labour intensive

Low impact of the aesthetic

Only remove the surface area that the Stack Drain capping plate requires. This means that your garden, driveway, footpath, or where ever you install, will not be unnecessarily disrupted or scared in anyway. All you will see when you finish is the drainage plate and the rain water draining away to where it’s supposed to be.

Environmentally responsible

Not only are the drainage cones made from a 100% recycled plastic, in addition we put extra thought into the packaging as well. The packaging is made from responsibly sourced or recycled materials and there is no unnecessary packaging used at any stage. 

Stack drains benefit the environment because:

- Stack drains ensure that rainwater gets to where it’s supposed to be and not into already overwhelmed sewage systems

- It reduces the impact of drought by allowing rainwater that does fall to nourish the ground

- It uses much less parts and materials than any other viable solution on the market.

Install Stack-drains yourself. It's easy!

Stack Drains have been designed with a key point in mind, simplicity!

   Requiring no:

  • fixings or sealants

  • no large amounts of materials

  • or even trades people to install.  


You can do this whilst saving your money, your back and the environment.

The drain company  installation video

The drain company installation video

Play Video

Stack Drain product part features 

Only 2 parts make up the Stack Drain but the results can't be argued with!

3 cups


3 cups


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