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How to install the stack drain

We want you to have the best possible experience of Stack Drain Kit and related products, to achieve this we have complied some videos and related documents on how best to prepare for installation, how to install the Stack Drain Kit and how to maintain after installation.

If at any time you are unsure what to do or have an issue you are struggling to overcome then please feel free to contact us at

Stack Drain Steps.png
Prep Stack Drain.png


The key to any good “Do It Yourself” is preparation and the Stack Drain Kit installation is no different. Here you will find details and advice on what we recommend before you get started. 

Install Stack Drain.png


Even the simplest installation, like that of the Stack Drain, should be done with guidance and that is just what we have provided. Here you will find details and advice on the best way possible to install your Stack Drain Kit. 

The drain company  installation video

The drain company installation video

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Maintain Stack Drain.png


As with any product you install in and around your home the Stack Drain Kit requires some basic maintenance. By following our advice you will maximise the drainage potential of your Stack Drain Kit and keep your grounds free of unwanted puddles. 

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