The Stack Drain Cone

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The Stack Drain Cone is perfect for any outdoor ground surface that has water collection issues, resulting from rainfall when combined with the standalone Stack Drain product. Typically the cone would be added to the Stack Drain standalone product to increase the depth of the potential drainage.


If you have a puddle that does not drain away due to lack of drainage on a sealed surface (Concrete, Asphalt, block paving etc.) and do not wish to spend excessive amounts of money, time and labour correcting it then the Stack Drain is what you need.


Features and Benefits

When combined with the standalone Stack Drain product


  • Suitable for Driveways, pathways, patios, conservatories, swimming pools, sports areas, gardens and water features;
  • Unique cone based technology to maximise water flow into the subsoil;
  • Responsible system for the redirection of rainfall into the surrounding subsoil;
  • Time, cost and labour lowest of any solution on the market;
  • Easy to install system that can be accomplished by DIY enthusiasts and trades persons alike;
  • Requires no fixings or sealants to install;
  • Low impact on surface aesthetic, no surface scaring from installation;
  • Depending on the ground surface type can be installed with basic home tools;
  • Easy to extend with the use of additional cones and will work with multiple stacks if required;
  • Designed to work with standard drainage pipe sizes if needed;
  • Can be installed reactively or proactively;
  • Only additional product required for installation, one bag of standard sharp sand; and
  • The Stack Drain Cone comes with a full 10 year Guarantee.


Technical Specifications



    The Drain Company - Stockholm



Width (mm)

    200mm Diameter

Depth (mm)


Pack Contains

    Drainage Cone x 1

Max load

    1.5 Tonne     (when combined with a Stack Drain)


Health and Safety


Please note that this item has additional safety or regulatory guidelines to follow, these may differ depending on the country that it is installed in. Always check with your appropriate authority if unsure what these are. Refer to the product packaging and “The Drain Company – Stockholm” website for information on how to install and best practice guidelines.

The Stack Drain Cone

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