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A good business partner makes the business

Successful companies are made up of people that believe in what they are doing and how they do it, so with this in mind I asked my business partner Frederick Håkansson why he decided to join me in creating the Drain Company – Stockholm.

“My answer is simple, I could see your passion for what you had created and your belief that it was going to work, of course once the concept of Stack Drains was explained to me it was simple to grasp but no matter how good an idea is if you don’t have a driving force behind it then it will never succeed.

I will admit that I have always been the sort of person that takes chances and is will to risk time and effort on things that most won’t but this really was a simple decision. I have no concerns about this venture as I know you are willing to do what it takes to make sure the business is a success.

I am really looking forward to growing the Drain Company with you and seeing what the future holds”

- Frederick Håkansson

Likewise when Frederick asked why I asked him to partner with him my response was equally simple.

“I can see that you have vision and you inspire trust, I wanted a partner in this from the start but finding the right person was difficult. Many people like the idea of creating something but find it hard to give the extra time and effort needed. Besides this has never been a “get rich quick scheme”, it was always going to be an uphill struggle and not everyone can commit to 2-3 years of work before they start to see the rewards.”

- Stephen Mills

Needless to say our business partnership has been a great success to date and we both look forward to seeing who else will join the Drain Company – Stockholm family moving forwards.

Frederick Håkansson - Business partner of the Drain Company Stockholm
What a good business partner looks like

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