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Wholesalers & Licensing

The Stack Drain product is a very appealing product to the general public for a number of reasons:

  • More cost effective than anything else on the market

  • Simple to install, expand and remove if needed

  • Not labour intensive to install

  • Quick to install compared to any other system currently supplied on the market

  • Environmentally friendly in the way that it made

  • Responsible in the way that it redistributes rainfall



Stack Drains is a new product to market that we are fully capable of providing in large quantities to any distributor, in any country. Our manufacturer is highly experienced and has been providing high quality products for many years now, which when you combine that with our professional delivery team and high levels of quality control means you will not be left disappointed for any reason.  


In addition to this we are already developing a number of add-ons which will further expand the selling range to your customer. If you become a trusted distributer of Stack Drains then you will have first refusal of selling these add-ons before they become mainstream.



We are also happy to hear from any brands / companies that would be interested in licensing this product to their geographical areas. If this applies to you then please feel free to contact us and we can start discussions about the possibilities.


If you are interested in stocking or licensing our product please feel free to contact us at from there you will be contacted by either Stephen Mills or Frederick Håkansson.

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